nood co. Tub Above Counter Concrete Basin TB1-1-0

nood co.MODEL: TB1-1-0-CD

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Brand: nood co.
Model: TB1-1-0
Material: Concrete
Finishes: Cloud TB1-1-0-CD
Lilac TB1-1-0-LI
Morning Mist TB1-1-0-MM
Mushroom TB1-1-0-MS
Nood TB1-1-0-ND
Olive TB1-1-0-OL
Rowboat TB1-1-0-CD
Ivory TB1-1-0-IV
Sand TB1-1-0-SA
Custard TB1-1-0-CU
Pastel Peach TB1-1-0-PA
Blush Pink TB1-1-0-BL
Musk TB1-1-0-MU
Clay TB1-1-0-CL
Powder Blue TB1-1-0-PO
Copan Blue TB1-1-0-CO
Mint TB1-1-0-MI
Teal  TB1-1-0-TE
Sky Grey TB1-1-0-SK
Mid Tone Grey TB1-1-0-MG
Charcoal TB1-1-0-CH
Dimensions: D420mm x H110mm
Warranty: 24 Month Structural Warranty
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